Information Technology

According to various international research, the success rate of IT projects is as low as 40%. Research has shown that companies with poor business analysis capability will have three times as many IT and business redesign project failures as successes. Furthermore, budget and time overruns of around 60% result due to the poor use of business process requirements practices to plan and design the deliverables and project plans.

 A lack of time and planning, an absence of resources and an insufficient budget are all common reasons for failures with IT projects. Particularly, the lack of a competent hybrid business & IT project manager who takes the time to understand the business environment and focus on the business deliverables as well as the technology to be implemented is a key, and recurring, problem. This project manager must also be detached from any specific technology or brands to ensure an unbiased recommendation for the technology to be used to solve the business problem and ensures suppliers deliver to plan.

Communication is a must for completing a project on time, so, without a project manager, your IT project will likely become disjointed and ambiguous. If no one on your team has the skills required to push through a Information Technology project, Vella Cardona Consultants can offer you the solution.

We can provide for the business analysis, process redesign, technology research and full project implementation management to ensure that your project is a success. Using lean management techniques and strong documentation practices your technology project will be taken though the following phases:


We will define the problem area that is being addressed through review sessions with all stakeholders, establish the project goal and establish the project boundaries.


We will clearly identify the gap between the current and planned business performance, identify the relevant metrics and establish the current state baseline.


In collaboration with relevant stakeholders we will analyse the data and business processes to identify the root causes of the performance gaps and identify innovative solutions and business processes that bridge the gaps and will deliver the project goal.


We will help identify the technology and solution providers to implement the chosen solution, define a detail project plan and manage the various stakeholders to ensure a successful development, implementation and change management activity.


We will monitor the improvements that the business acquires post implementation and compare metrics against the original baseline to ensure that the required benefits have been delivered. At this stage control procedures will be documented and implemented to ensure that business processes correctly align to the implemented technology solution and implement any relevant business continuity mechanisms.

A full project dossier is complied at end of these project phases ensuring adequate and structured documentation for future development and improvements. Contact us for a free consultation about your next successful IT project!

Other Information Technology Services

By leveraging on an international network of specialists and suppliers we also provide for bespoke software development & integration projects, IT infrastructure projects and business intelligence platforms.